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Right!…. You’ve been to Africa, seen all the wonderful sights, enjoyed the excitement of watching animals close to the vehicle, trembled with a heart beating adrenalin thrill of going on your first walking safari, sat around the campfire in the evening listening to the night sounds and recounting the days adventures and marvelling at the clear star filled sky….but….

Have you ever thought of being a Safari Guide ?

What does it take to become a Safari Guide ?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Safari Guide ? More »

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Thanks to our friend Jude for sharing her great time in Camp Hwange.

Camp Hwange from Jude Leahy on Vimeo.

Sinamatella Primary School started its new year on January 14th this year !

On this day 40 children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old, from the Sinamatella National Parks Camp, will attend school with classes ranging from kindergarten to Standard 4. There are 3 teachers who instruct the older kids in Ndebele, English, Maths and Natural Science, with an ecology course once a week. The younger kids will be looked after by volunteer parents.  More »

Many people who come on safari are in my opinion…to impatient. Many of these people would have watched all the amazing bits of footage you can see on Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet.

Recently i had a guest arrive and straight after we had exchanged pleasantries upon meeting he tells me. “Just so we are clear…i have no interest in seeing Kudu, Impala, Warthog, Waterbuck….etc etc” Basically he rattles off ALL of the common stuff that is your bread and butter on a safari. No he wants the fillet steak and only the fillet steak. He tells me…”I want to see Cheetah , Wild dog and Grysbok, i have been doing safari for twenty five years and i have seen everything else many times except these three things!” I smile at him and reply “ Well this should be a fantastic safari as those are the things i want to see also.” More »

When guests arrive at our camp they will meet their guide who will take them on safari activities and it is with this person that everything will be planned. The following description of a typical day is just a guide line.

The best thing about a typical day at Camp Hwange is that we do our best not to make it typical.

Mostly it is an early start just before dawn, steaming mugs of tea or coffee, a light breakfast of toast, porridge or cereal and off on an activity. More »